Monday, 7 October 2013

runner beans unpodded

I harvested some of the overgrown runner beans
and we had them steamed for dinner, and they were very nice, well worth resisting the temptation to pull all the plants out.  Some of the bean pods have grown to cricket bat size almost. Enorma indeed!

I also harvested some spinach beet and the stems looked so edible that I steamed them with the beans and they were good, quite mild earthy tasting, but good, and even those of us who don't like spinach ate them.

Dug over and added some GrowOrganic to the little patch where I am planning to put the loganberry.  I haven't done anything about the currant bed yet as it is still full of drying sweet peas, and anyway the currants are bare-rooted and probably won't come for a week or two.

And the latest (and probably last) pictures of the Butternut Twins for posterity.

Both of them are about 20 inches in girth and 12 inches top to bottom.

Billie is gradually turning yellow but Bobbie has a long way to go before he/she does.

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