Tuesday, 1 October 2013

cucumbers finished

The garden is getting dry again as it has been a while since any rain, but because it hasn't been very sunny and the plants are mostly dying back, there isn't much watering to do.

I took the netting off the brassicas as they are getting eaten by something inside the tunnel, regardless of the netting, and at least I can see what is going on if anything, when there is no netting there, it really does get in the way. The kale has been chewed, although that doesn't look so bad since I took the worst leaves off, the hispi seedlings are just skeletons and the sprouting broccolli isn't sprouting anyway so it doesn't matter what happens to it.

I cleared away the cucumber foliage, only leaving one plant which still has some cucumbers on.  They may not grow any more as it is getting cooler now and there hasn't been much sun lately.

I picked a bag full of seed pods from the sweet peas, some green pods and some brown and dry.  I will try to keep them separate to see which are best for germinating.

The caliente mustard green manure has germinated nicely.  My broadcasting skills need work though.

Carried a good lot of produce home today, even though things are slowing down

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