Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Very mild and damp today, 16C.

Currently in wasp observing mode, and I spotted a new one today.  (I have been swotting up on the camera manual, so I thought I would test out a different setting.)
I don't know what kind of wasp it is, not a Common Wasp as in the nest, but it definitely looks like a wasp rather than a hoverfly.

However, enough of my nascent entymology skills, the business of the day was to push two barrow loads of soil improver up the hill to the plot, and spread it on the weeded squash bed.
That done I was a bit pooped, so after a bit of weeding and wasp watching it was time to go.  The way home is looking very autumnal.

I was in the kitchen this afternoon slicing apples (Ribston pippins donated by MGG) for the dehydrator.  I dip them in lemon juice to keep them white and into the dryer they go for about 8 hours.

I dried some overnight last night and they are luscious, very moreish.  Too moreish... an hour peeling and slicing, 8 hours in the dryer and I can scoff them all in five minutes!
I also made some lazy garlic with the cloves left after planting out the biggest ones for next year.

It is simply garlic, chopped, into a clean jar and covered with wine vinegar. It is supposed to be white wine vinegar, but in this case, I'm guessing it was rose wine vinegar.  The trouble with shopping at my corner medina store is I often can't understand the writing on the label.  It said turkel, had a picture of grapes, and the contents were a sort of pinkish colour, so I am concluding it is rose wine vinegar. I hope!

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