Saturday, 9 November 2013

a lovely autumn afternoon

No, there hasn't been a tornado during the night, it is just the runner bean bed denuded of runner beans and frame, the bin lying on its side is only there for atmosphere.(Not true, it is really keeping 2 of my prize bags of mpc dryish inside, I wasn't strong enough to put it back upright once they were in)

 The lasagne bed. It will have another layer eventually, or I will cover it with a sheet over winter, whichever is the sooner.

  The apples are looking good, a kind of pippin I think, but they are still clinging on.  It is worth while waiting till they are properly ripe though, as the difference in flavour in the last few days is amazing. I've been on this plot for three summers now and this is the best crop of apples so far, not in quantity but in flavour and size.

The tomatilloes are finished, and as you might guess by the fruits lying around, I didn't like them all that much, but it was an interesting trial. They produced well, didn't need a greenhouse, and if you like salsa verde it is probably worth growing them.

I was busy, head down, scraping weedlings off the astroturf and looked up to see this...

 Time to go home...

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