Saturday, 2 November 2013

First frost

Yesterday, I picked most of the remaining runner beans.  I saved the longest, fullest, straightest pods and they are ripening in the greenhouse.  I will use them for seed next year.  The rest were shelled and we have steamed and eaten most of them already and some went into the soup.

I have ordered some Czar butter beans, for next year.

Very cold this morning, a low of 3C last night, but from the look of the nasturtiums there was a light frost at the plot last night, their leaves have gone very droopy.

The autumn skip is here so I spent some time trying
to part with some of the rubbish on the plot. Only half of the garden arch went in, the straight bits will make supports for netting etc.  I thought long and hard but I cannot think of anything else to do with the old hosepipe. It is the kind that collapses flat when there is no water running through, so is not much good for anything.  The only thing I could think of is to weave together in strips to make a path, but that sounds like too much trouble with not necessarily a successful outcome. the skip it goes.
A few broken pots and bits of plastic string was all else I could come up with, all the broken bits of brick are used to weight sheeting down or fill gaps in the crazy paving.

Bonfires have broken out again at the allotments, the ban has been lifted for the winter.

Where's those firelighters...

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