Friday, 22 November 2013

jonagolds ripe, last Moorbank visit.

Lots and lots of rain over the last couple of days so the plot was pretty squishy.  I haven't been for almost a week, but everything seems to have managed to struggle through okay.

The red apples Jonagold are ripe at last but the pippin-type ones are still reluctant to part from their twigs.

It was my last day at Moorbank Botanic Garden.  The volunteers are not allowed on site after the end of this month.  The Freemen say they will continue to maintain the garden but feel they do not need any help from outsiders.  There was no point in doing any weeding as everything was far too wet.  So we were tidying the greenhouses after lots of plants have been dug up to go to various botanic gardens across the country.  Many of the remaining plants have been cut back hard to help get them through the winter and possible irregularities in climate and watering.

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