Sunday, 17 November 2013

We ate Bobbie

We ate Bobbie this week and very nice he was too...

I cut him in half, lengthways (not without a struggle, pretty tough skin!) and roasted him cut sides down in a bit of water, for an hour. It was so big it was only part cooked, but that was okay.  I hollowed out one half and used the hairy bikers stuffed marrow recipe, one half was enough for dinner for the three of us.
[Incidentally, I think Bobbie must have been crossed with a spaghetti squash because the cooked flesh had a definite tendency to shred in the same way and I know there are a few green spaghetti squash varieties.]
The other half was made into a huge pan of very tasty soup.  I added some curry powder as usual, but because there was so much flesh the flavour seemed to get lost, so I added a teaspoonful of curry paste and it worked very well. There was just enough to give it the flavour of curry without the heat (we are a bit chilli allergic in our house).

This is the squashes we have left so far
Left to right; Billie Butternut, Spaghetti Sal and the Sweet Dumpling crew.

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