Sunday, 1 December 2013

more manure

Hauled three barrow loads of manure up the hill to the plot.

I spread two of them on the old strawberry bed which I have designated the new asparagus bed.  It needs to be quite deep and quite rich apparently. 
That bed is the raised bed that I first I sowed green manure in, it has been turned over and now has a couple of inches of manure, so it hopefully will be good enough to plant asparagus in the spring.

Most of the other load went on the end bed where the celeriac did so poorly, and where I have put the cardboard down and any organic matter I could find.  I then covered the whole bed with a piece of tarpaulin-type fabric which was on the plot when I took it over. I might put some of the half-rotted compost heap on, but I am not sure if I would not be wasting good compost as it is very wet and claggy.  It stayed quite damp even through the long dry spell of last summer. Maybe I should invest in some more planks to raise the bed properly. I will have to put an order in with the trading hut

Picked the two remaining red cabbages (the rest rotted in the wet)because I wanted to cover that section.  When I stripped off the manky outer leaves, they are small but have nice, firm hearts.

I also dolloped a couple of shovelfulls of manure on the rhubarb.

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