Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thoughts on crop rotation

It was a no-weather day today.  It wasn't wet or dry, it wasn't sunny or dull, wasn't hot and wasn't cold. There was just nothing there. 

Managed to keep a fire going for over an hour! In fact, it was still going when I left, that's a first! I got rid of most of the raspberry roots except the very wet ones at the bottom of the tub.(I just wish I had taken my camera and my phone hadn't run out of juice.)  I also got rid of the old wicker chair which went up a treat once it got going.

I forked over the runner bean bed.  I can't decide whether to use the same bed again next year and start another bean trench, they did very well in that spot, or to use a different bed.  I suppose for garden hygene it is best to rotate everything as much as possible to reduce the chances of pests and diseases taking hold in one place.
I will consult my trusty and very dog-eared copy of Dig For Victory

And it tells me that I should be putting in my brassica where the legumes were.   Mmm...

But I have pretty much decided not to grow any brassica next year, and even if I was, it wouldn't be in that bed as there was club root there the winter before last.  So perhaps I could put cucurbits there instead, and rotate the rest.  The leaflet doesn't mention cucumbers or pumpkins, I don't think they were invented for growing outside in the 1940s has a useful article on crop rotation. Damn! just found out I have planted my winter onions in the wrong place! Oh well...

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