Friday, 10 January 2014

first photos for 2014

 Plenty of water about, but we don't complain, other places have had it much worse than us, and the raised beds seem to be doing their job.

 I cleared out the wet end a bit as it has gone from a weed dump to a rain pond again

There was some lovely squelching noises when I was digging it out.

 The tub of canes had fallen over again, so I am just leaving it till I can find a better solution to their storage.
The birds are still enjoying the apples, leaving ghost apples all over the garden. 
The winter onions are looking a bit spindly but they will pick up when the soil warms up.

I am pulling the biggest leeks as the winter wears on, it has been really good for leeks so far.

The Nero di Toscana are looking like a stand of palm trees

 And signs of spring!    Pink buds on the blackcurrant bush. (none yet on the red and white currants or goose berries)

 Buds on the apple trees, especially the ones in pots.  (Sorry about the blurriness, I haven't figured out how to do close-ups or if it is even possible with this camera)

 And even buds on the pear tree.  The buds are sort of rusty looking, I hope that isn't a bad sign, but there are plenty of them. (This photo is a good clear close-up, but I have no idea why)

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