Thursday, 6 February 2014

A rare fine day

It was a lovely day today, (10C at midday)the first for a while where I haven't had my head drawn into my coat and scarf like a tortoise!
However, even though there is no standing water, it was still to wet to do anything.  I hacked at it a bit with the right-angled fork and broke up a few clods of earth, but it is still pretty squishy underneath.

So I righted the cane tub, trimmed a few gooseberry branches that were poking at me as I went around the hut, tidied up a bit, had a failed attempt at a fire and came home.

I've got some shallots (Golden something-or-other), some onions (turbo), potatoes (Desiree [main] and Wilja [2nd early]) ready to go in when the soil dries up a bit.  I'm thinking I might put the onion sets in trays of compost like last year to give them a start.

The onion seedlings haven't changed that I can observe, but at least they haven't died.

The sweet peas are just starting to peep out from the compost.  They are very slow, but they have had no heat on them except what little sun there has been.

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