Friday, 7 February 2014

spring-like already!

Another nice day, but didn't go to the plot as the soil will still be too wet and cold to do anything.

So at home in the greenhouse, I planted the onion and shallot sets into trays of compost

The onion seedlings have grown after all, some starting a second leaf, but sadly some of them have also died [remember the tiny snapping noises while pricking out?], so I popped a new seed in any empty cells, you never know...
Some of the sweet peas in the pots have appeared at last and the ones left chitting on the tray are so big I felt sorry for them and potted them up in some module trays. I have chucked the fuzzy ones out, there is a limit to how many sweet peas I have room for.

The Desiree are sprouting nicely...
But the Wilja are still just thinking about it.

While I was in sowing mode I sowed some Early Nantes carrot seeds in the box.  I brought it inside the green house thinking I might get an earlier crop. We'll see whether it is worth putting up with barking my shins on the edge of the box to get some early carrots.
I left last year's compost in, mixed a handfull or two of GrowOrganic and a bucketful of spent compost to increase the volume.

Outside, it has been such a mild winter so far that the tete-a-tete daffodils in the old barrow wheel are coming along well...

 and the wallflowers have flowered all the way through the winter so far...

This is the pot with the allium christophii seeds from the front garden, I left them outside all winter and they are coming up too! I'm not sure how long I will have to wait to get bulbs big enough to flower.

 And the amaryllis is showing off as usual.  If there was a race between the two pots, then the silver one is streets ahead!

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