Thursday, 20 February 2014

moving rhubarb

Did I say lightly that I could move the rhubarb?  Ha ha!  I'll not do that again in a hurry!  Great big thick yellow roots in soild black glutinous soil. It was blimmin' heavy!

However, I managed to take out a lot of rhubarb root, which is surprisingly easy to cut through with the spade, kept a few pieces which had shoots on and reburied them in the new place along with a pot full of GrowOrganic. So now I have a more compact rhubarb patch and more room for the beds.

I've got to take out a lot of spirea roots before I can put the raised beds down and the soil level is very uneven so that will have to be raked and levelled.  No way can that be done until it dries out more.

Did some light weeding while my shoulder recovered from the unaccustomed exercise.  That hairy bittercress is all over the place, there hasn't been any frosts this winter so far to discourage it. The slugs are having a ball!

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