Sunday, 9 February 2014

onion/potato fertilizer confusion

Taking advice from my fave gardening website, I applied a dose of potash to the beds in which I am going to sow my seed potatoes.
 I also sprinkled some GrowOrganic around the winter onions as they were looking a bit peely-wally.

So that I remember which beds I have decided upon I have done the first plotplan for 2014.

On looking at the fine display of fertilizers in our newly (and magnificently) re-organised allotment trading hut, I realize that the onion fertilizer I applied to the planned onon bed last week, is probably potato fertilizer with the label missing. I guess (and hope) it won't make too much difference, but the question is now, should I buy and apply some proper onion fertilizer? (Update: apparently the NPK of both are very similar to each other, so no worries)

It is a fine afternoon now so I think I will go and make a start on the new raised beds.

I got the holes drilled in the planks, but there is no point in assembling the frames until the ground has dried out a bit and I can put them in place without getting mud up to the eyebrows.
I'm considering putting some lining in the bottom of the beds as there is a very active spirea hedge close by which sends roots out a long way, and I'm hoping some weed membrane might stop that, or at least slow it down.

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