Sunday, 16 February 2014

sunny day, snowdrops and a cloche

The sun is shining and the snowdrops are flowering beautifully

The plot is still very muddy, there is standing water for the first time since the summer of 2012.  So all I did was a bit of tidying, managed to get a respectable little fire going, and pulled some leeks for dinner.
Oh, and I seem to have acquired a plastic cloche which presumably has blown in from somewhere.
In the greenhouse: I sowed some modules with my own saved broad bean seed (red epicure) for domestic use only,

and will be sowing some proper seed for the allotment's plant scheme. I'm never quite sure what is going to come up when it is my own seed, grown and saved in less than ideal conditions.  I will have to do a bit of tidying in the greenhouse to find some more space.

 The sweet peas are showing at last, and the frisee lettuce (Mazur, sown 7th Feb) has germinated already

The onion sets that I put in a tray of compost don't look as if anything is happening, but when you look closely (note perfect focus! I am learning) where the set has pushed itself out there some nice healthy roots.

I can feel the pull of the tomato seeds, but I'm trying to resist as I had them in far too early last year and they sat around looking pale and wan for months before the weather was warm enough for them to grow away.

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