Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I have never managed to get an amaryllis to survive from one season to the next.  I either bury them in the garden, never to be seen again, or I find a shrivelled lump somewhere in the garage, only recogniseable by the fact it is in a pot with some brown crusty dust around it.

So now that the flowers have finished and the leaves are sprouting away I have taken the bulb out of the pot of compost and parked it on top of, but not in, some water with a tinsy pinch of plant food. The theory is that taking it out of the moist compost lessens the risk of the bulb rotting, and that the plant food will feed the bulb for next December.

I need to find a quiet corner for it to oversummer in. It will have to be somewhere I can see it and not forget to water it, but somewhere out of the public eye, a bedroom windowsill might be the answer eventually, but they are currently full of trays and pots of germinating veg seeds.

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