Friday, 28 March 2014

avocado seed

There is something about an avocado seed which appeals to me.  It says (in an appropriately squeaky voice) "don't throw me in the bin, pleease, don't throw me in the bin!"
So here we go.....

Sputnik: day one.

You can tell the weather is horrible at the moment, I'm inside.  This morning's task is to paint a cardboard box, transforming it into a cold frame, a la Geoff Hamilton, for the sweet peas which are growing out of their pots.

The onion seedlings are also looking quite tall and I can start hardening them off at home if I have a cold frame of sorts in the back garden.

The frisee lettuce is looking good, but that won't go outside until the temperature in the greenhouse gets too high for it, at the moment it is loving these low temperatures.

I pricked out the tiny linaria seedlings in clumps as best I could, I don't know if they will survive.

The zinnia are also extremely leggy so I don't know if they will do anything, I planted them as deep as I could.
 But the gerbera are looking good.


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