Sunday, 30 March 2014

brainwave of the month

I've been trying to find a cover for the water butt that will keep out the light and insects (mostly) but that will let in the water from the downcomer on the shed.  Various things have been tried with varying degrees of success.
This is the latest effort and I think I might be on to a winner...
This is my old anorak with a sleeve threaded onto the drainpipe.  Brill!

I bought some more parsnip seeds because I have just learned that they don't keep very well from year to year.  The Tender & True parsnips which I sowed a week or two ago were 2 seasons old so I have ditched them and have sown a second batch of this year's seed (hollow crown).
I didn't do any fancy planting methods as there was zero germination last year, after all the hole poking and filling with compost that I did. So I simply scraped a row, lined it with mp compost, sprinkled seed generously, covered with more mp compost, tamped down. The compost is more for me rather than the seeds as it enables me to see better where I have sown.

Everything is picking up even though it has been cold and damp for the last week (and for the next week if the forecast is to be believed).

The winter onions are looking a bit happier...

The pear tree is looking enthusiastic, only leaf buds so far, but blossom won't be far behind.

 And all the apples trees have left the starting blocks (except the dead one, which is still dead)

I'll be putting in the potatoes next week, weather permitting.

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  1. Our dog pruned Fruit Trees are recovering and blossoming too. Our Onions look just like yours. I love your Anorak Idea Anne. I have two Dustbins collecting water off our Greenhouse Roof. I want to try putting 2 Goldfish in one to see if they really do keep down the gnats. An Anorak sleeve would extend the pipe then all I need is some mesh to let light and air in for the Fish. Take care now. Marion x