Monday, 3 March 2014

It's feeling very springlike

The amaryllis are still going strong and the white one has another flower stalk ready to follow on. You certainly get your moneysworth with hippeastrum, as they are more correctly named (For some reason my internal memory banks have refused to accept the name amaryllis, but are quite happy with hippeastrum, so I never can remember the popular name and only remember the awkward name, which makes me look like a proper know-all.  Sadly this is true, I am, but I try not to admit it)

I checked the onions planted out the other day and they seem to have survived a couple of cold nights without any visible damage.  They seem snug enough under their fleece.

Sowed some more broad beans for the plant scheme, 32x Masterpiece Green Longpod.  Must make a note to ask the committee to buy seeds with shorter names as it is very tedious writing all the plant labels out.

In the greenhouse:  My own broad beans are peeping their little heads up. There seems to be a pretty high success rate so far.

 The lettuce Mazur has developed second leaves.  I wont bother pricking them out, there are only a few in each module.

 The tomato seedlings have been moved from the propagator to the greenhouse.  I will need to keep an eye out for very cold nights, though, and bring them into the house if necessary.  They are looking ridiculously leggy but are nicely developing second leaves.  When tomato seedlings go leggy like that (which they always seem to do) you can transplant them really deeply, but these are so long I will have to use extra large pots!

The carrots are showing at last! It has taken them almost a month to  to germinate, as it has been quite cold out there, I might get an early crop after all.

Everthing is looking good and it is lovely to see spring coming along apace.

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