Saturday, 22 March 2014

nice day

Fully recovered from tiller trauma, but not completely from the virus which is still bugging (geddit?) me, I returned to the plot.

No sign of any beetroot seedlings coming up, and I have the sneaking suspicion that instead of compost I used GrowOrganic to bed the seeds in.  I'm not sure, so just in case, I scrubbed out the rows sown previously and did some more, this time I'm sure it is compost. Three short rows of Chioggia, Cylindra, and Detroit.

It was a nice afternoon so I faffed about weeding and tidying.

The broad bean babies needed watering and the tap water is still off so I'm using the water butts. The trouble with the water from the butts is that it is full of bits which clog up the watering can rose, so it has to be run through a piece of old fleece to sieve the rubbish out.

The soil surface is quite dry but still damp underneath.

Quite a few of the shallots, which all had nice strong roots when I transplanted them, don't seem to be growing any more.  Some of the bulbs have been hollowed out by something, and some just aren't doing anything.  Perhaps it has been too cold.
Its not looking to be a good shallot year.  The best year I ever had with shallots was the very first year I had an allotment; it just shows that ignorance is sometimes an blessing and managing to grow anything at all is a happy surprise.

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