Tuesday, 25 March 2014

more sowing seeds and pricking out

Moved the plant scheme boltardy beetroot to the greenhouse on 86 to leave more room in my greenhouse. I am going to need the space for peas and courgettes soon.

Sowed turnip seeds and scattered some nasturtium (cobra) seeds about.

Sowed some more beetroot seeds in cells and put them in the cold frame

Lots of leaf buds on the pear tree, the loganberry and gooseberry bushes.  Also buds on the white and blackcurrants, but not much life in the redcurrant or the apples as yet.

Pricked out gerbera and zinnia but the linaria seeds are so very tiny, the stems are like hairs, I am frightened to handle them, I think pricking out in clumps is probably the way to manage them.

It was a bright sunny day today but there was a pretty sharp frost last night, the thermometer in the back garden registered -1.7C, with a layer of ice on the pond, so still too soon to put out tender plants.
Most things seem to be surviving okay in the unheated greenhouse, but I am keeping the really small seedlings such as the celeriac in the house and I am putting the others in the mini greenhouse at night.

Hopefully not so cold tonight.

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