Wednesday, 5 March 2014

one bed filled

Up to the plot bright and early as I was tipped off that there was to be a new delivery by the council of their soil improver.

It is a lovely bright, cold morning, with a thin sliver of ice on the water butts, just the day for a bit of manual labour.

The right-hand one of these beds has now been filled.

Seven wheelbarrows full of soil improver just about filled it to the brim, but I am aware that it will settle and need topping up later.

Legs and arms are a bit weary after filling and pushing the heavy barrow seven times up the hill, so when I had filled that one bed, I tucked it up with a length of fabric which has been lying around the plot for years(not because I think it needs covering, more to do something with the fabric), and went home for a lie-down.


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