Saturday, 15 March 2014

planting broad beans

We have had three days of really lovely weather, warm days (up to 17C at one point) with lots of blue skies and sunshine, and cold nights down to 0C.  Sadly, that coincided with my current heavy cold and wheezy chest so I haven't been able to be out in the garden as much as I would like.

Of course, now I am feeling better, the weather has changed to grey, cloudy, with a cold wind.

The flash new cloche tunnel didn't survive the gusts for longer than a day, so that has been dispensed with. It wasn't really achieving anything anyway, and it is so mild so far this year, I think the beetroot seeds will manage quite nicely without it.

I sowed some parsnip seeds (Trusty &True) beside the beetroot. I hope I have better luck this year than last which was a complete no-show except for the one parsnip which came up in a completely different place.

The pram and I transported the broad bean plants to the plot yesterday and I raked the bed over, but my visit was curtailed by lack of oxygen to the lungs and a change in the weather, so I parked the trays of beans in the cold frame to keep safe until another day.

It is not so cold today, still pretty windy and grey, but I am feeling lots better, so I went this morning, to plant the beans out.  They look nice and healthy, some are a bit small so I have left them in their pots to develop a bit more, and have only planted out the biggest ones.

planting in progress
 I have made two double rows with a gap down the middle to make for easier picking.

I will put supports in later.

Also sowed in the propagator

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