Monday, 7 April 2014

a splishy, sploshy asparagus day!

The asparagus crowns came today in the post, Yey!
Unfortunately it is a rainy, drizzly, damp old day and the plants need to go in asap.
On the same day, I had an offer from friend Pat of some pond/pondside plants she had spare and, having a pond/pondside in want of some furniture, I accepted readily.

So, after putting the asparagus crowns in the scullery sink to soak, off we went in the rain with Pram to collect the plants from Pat's allotment on the other site nearby. We sploshed around in the mud and wet grass with the carelessness of one who embraces the concept of getting soaked, willingly.

One good thing about pond plants, they don't take any digging up, you just get a good grip and pull and a whole load of smelly gunk comes up. So, in no time at all, we got an unidentified mini-bullrush type plant, a kingcup and a pot of flag iris rhizomes, plus a large pondside plant, which Pat had conveniently already dug up, and I could swear was creeping buttercup, but which she assures me is Ligularia.

Then on to my plot, with Pram ably bearing the load of wet soil and plants, to deposit the fruits of our labours in a temporary home, and to show off a bit to Pat, who hasn't seen my plot for a while.

After that it was lunchtime and home for some refreshments and a partial dry out.

Down to the plot again with a bucket of 10 wet Guelph Millennium asparagus crowns, which look very healthy and have nice buds on the tops.
I have my wellies on this time as the weather isn't getting any drier.

I have read all the instructions and the bed has been prepared as well as I can.  I made trenches with a mound down the middle, on each side of the bed...

..and placed the crowns on the mounds (just like it says in the book) and covered them over.

Sit back and wait for two years.

 The pond plants were dropped in to the babybath and the ligularia planted nearby.

 Done...  It is still looking a bit like a sunken babybath but with some more plants and a bit of time, I'm sure it will be a pretty little corner of the plot. Thank you, Pat!

Home to get dried out, and then the sun came out!

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