Tuesday, 22 April 2014

First rain for a while

Raining today so I will do some pricking out of foxgloves, nemesia etc. The gherkins and spag squash are growing apace too, so they'll probably need a bigger pot.

Braved the hailstones (well, actually I didn't, I hid in a bus shelter till it went over, but it sounds good) and bought some brackets and a door latch (for, guess where? Yes, the shed) at my local DIY shop Blacketts
The door on the new shed has a padbolt and a turnbuckle for the outside, but no way of closing it from the inside, which is strange as it is very possible that I might want to do a little potting in my potting shed, without getting rained on or frozen.
Just got to swot up on how to install the door catch, I don't even know what it is properly called.

(I just looked it up and it is called a Suffolk Latch .  There's something I've learned today, isn't the internet wonderful? Oh, and I didn't any pricking out done, my specs broke so I had to take them in to the shop)

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