Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Its all a bit glum

Sowed some seeds for the plant scheme,

  • 3 x 6 trays of Red Epicure and same of The Sutton, both broad beans,
  •  2 x 9 trays of Boltardy beetroot, 
  • 4 single seed pots of Atena and 4 of Tuscany, both courgettes
Didn't get around to sowing anything for myself, but I still have some flower seeds to sow before it gets too late.

No sign of much from some of the seeds sown 15th March in the propagator. Only 1 foxglove seed leaf showing, only one nemesia and nothing at all from the verbena bonariensis.
The gomphrena has germinated 7 seedlings but soon to be 6, I fear as they have an alarming tendency to fall over every time I try taking the lid off,
consequently they are growing very leggy with the lid on. The zinnias and the linaria are looking healthy if a little extended, the gerbera look the best.
The hollyhocks in the pot don't like being damp and have gone mouldy at the neck.

The sunflowers have galloped away.

The tomato seedlings have stuck and are pretty much the same size as when I pricked them out, just hasn't been warm enough.  Too soon as usual, I must learn to control myself better.
The celeriac is coming along, but like most everything else the seedlings are leggy. It has been a very glum couple of weeks here in north-east England. More sunshine please!

So not good news mostly, I will probably be binning most of these and hopefully learning by my mistakes, and if there is time I will sow another batch.

The sweet peas are quite bushy now and have gone into my new cold frame(s).

Yes, I had to make three altogether there were so many plants to accommodate, only one cardboard one though, the others are found objects, the kids' old toy box etc. cobbled together (as I do quite frequently) with some glass on the top.

The carrots under their fleece ...

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