Wednesday, 16 April 2014

new new shed news

It was off down to the plot early to tidy up the old wood.

Tidied some, but that got very boring, so started on lifting the old shed floor.  It was made of really solid floorboard planks, and every nail didn't give up without a struggle.

But by lunchtime it was up and in pieces, some of which went to Beverley's plot as bed borders.

Home for the last of the celeriac soup, and a cheese and chutney sandwich.

Pat the Destroyer joined me for the afternoon and turned into Pat the Paviour as she moved and levelled an extra row of four really, really heavy paving slabs, while I applied a coat of wood treament to the underside of the new shed floor.

The base for the old shed was 6ft wide by 8ft long, just like the new shed, but unfortunately because I want the windows to face the sun, it means the orientation of the new shed is the other way.  So the old base was 3 x 4 paving stones, but for the new shed it needs to be 4 x 4 paving stones.

MGG appeared later to give us the benefit of his experience and the four extra paving stones (pinched from another part of the garden) were successfully manoevred into their final resting place.

The new shed floor in situ.
It will come up again while I fill that gap in the flagstones with whatever gravel or bricks I can find. (The chipboard at the back is the old shed roof, just parked, while I figure out what to do with it)

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