Tuesday, 15 April 2014

new shed, old shed

5.50 am.  Phone call from delivery driver to say he would be at the allotments in 20/25 minutes.
6.10 am I am waiting at the allotment gate
6.40 delivery arrives - he has been waiting for me at Fenham Model, but eventually twigs that he might be in the wrong place.
The driver very obligingly took the flatbed truck up the narrow path and offloaded at the crossroads the new shed near my plot.
Fortuitously (for me) John arrived on the scene just at the right time and we and the driver manhandled the panels of the hut into the plot for safekeeping until I could get the old hut disassembled.
two of the panels, the rest are distributed around the plot
 7.30 am Driver departs taking several lumps of shrubbery with him, I hope he won't get into trouble for any scratches on his truck.
8.00 am Back home to get a bacon sandwich, which I feel I deserved.
9.30 am Back to the plot to start deconstructing the old hut, joined by Pat the Destroyer with crowbar, to help.

Back refreshed in the afternoon after a break for celeriac soup and bread and brie.
While I was away Pat had stripped the hut of its plank walls and it was left like a rustic gazebo.

 And the we huffed and puffed and pushed the remaining structure over.
 H&S would have kittens!

The last bit to succumb to the power of Pat the Destroyer and The Annhililator

The shedless plot.
For an old decrepit shed it was remarkably resistant to disassembly. I feel quite sad, my first shed, it had character.
Anybody want some timber? The shed is dead, long live the shed.

Tomorrow is a day.for clearing up some of the mess and levelling the new shed floor.

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