Friday, 18 April 2014

new shed pix

Since there was a sudden absence of volunteers, other half Keith (who never normally comes near the plot) volunteered to help, gammy leg and all. Noble by name and noble by nature.

We were fastening the hinges for the shed door, and I was beginning to think that I had bitten off more than I could chew, when I heard, in the distance, some very competent sawing going on.  It was James on the next plot but one.  I had been considering asking for his help, as I knew he did joinery, but had put it off because I don't like admitting defeat, but this was a gift I couldn't refuse.  He happily accepted the job, which was child's play to him (said it was like a big jigsaw puzzle) and 3 hours later it was 99% finished.
James working well

Window panel ready to add

Keith and I did the door!

measuring roofing felt

 Windows in, roof on!
Keith and I helped, it was definitely a two and sometimes three man job, and James is good, but even he hasn't got three pairs of arms.

Almost complete, just a few bits of trim and fascia to do. Wow! It looks like a proper shed! Wonderful!

I think I will have to have an open day, there has been so much interest and shed envy from fellow plotholders.

I am making this an early 70th birthday present to myself.

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