Monday, 28 April 2014

After the rains

Phew! Got the water butts back just in time, it has rained solidly ever since.  I checked and the new gutter has collected half a tub full in 2 days. Also the roof didn't leak either, which is a result, for the first time I have somewhere dry on the plot to put things.

But today turned into a lovely afternoon and evening

I brought the peas to the plot as they are needing to be moved out of their gutters soon.  I think there is space beside the currant bushes to put them in.  There is frost forecast from Friday for a few nights, so I will throw some fleece over them if necessary.

I spent the time pulling nails out of the planks of the old hut.  A lot of it has gone, thank goodness, to other plots as bed borders, but there is enough left to be useful. Some splintered planks have been broken up for firewood, I haven't got an open fire, but plenty plotholders do.

 I had a pot full of seedling sunflowers a couple of days ago, now I have a pot full of stumps,  Snails I think, more blue pellets of death needed, I think.  Too late for the sunflower competition, though.

 The asparagus has made an appearance, along with quite a few weedlings

 The potatoes too are showing their first leaves, but that one in the middle is a dock leaf and will not be with us for much longer.

 The pond has filled up and the kingcups are looking very vigorous.

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