Friday, 4 April 2014

taties in.. 2014

It has been not quite so wet for the last couple of days and the puddles in the plot have receded.

So the taties went in. Yey! A seasonal landmark.


Wilja-13/15 weeks to harvest(4 /18 July)

Desiree-15/22 weeks to harvest.(18 July/5 Sept)

I was hoping to get them all in two beds, and I could've if I had crowded them a bit more, but I needed to leave room to ridge them up in the ordinary beds, so I only did two rows.
The maincrop should have a bit more space than the earlies, so they have spread over 2 beds instead of the expected one.
One of the new raised beds which I filled with soil improver, is now planted up with Desiree, fairly closely planted as I am led to believe crops can be grown more intensively in raised beds.

(The bed nearest is filling up with vegetable waste, with a view to making a lasagne bed eventually.)
 I went around the plot pulling out some weeds, there are surprisingly few at the moment, most of them are hairy bittercress (below) which come out suspiciously easily, but if you leave them they scatter their seed all over the place.  No doubt the weeds will catch up with me by June.
Hairy bittercress

 In my travels around the plot I came across this lovely clump of aubretia.  The original plant was from some plant scheme seed which didn't do at all well, wasn't sellable and looked as if it would die quite soon.  So I shoved the two surviving plants at the edge of the path last autumn and even though it is the wet end of the plot, they have loved it.

Aubretia "Spring Falls"

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