Wednesday, 21 May 2014

3 cucumber update

They didn't die after all....yet
 I might start getting them used to the outside world... when I have freed up some space!  The runners are taking over...
 I was going to overnight them in the mini greenhouse, but they won't fit!

On the plot: The Shed!  Replete with new shelves and 3 tomato plants.

I'm like a proud mother hen!  I've had several visitors, come to marvel at the new shed, and leaving with a severe case of shed envy.  I'm thinking about doing tours and charging admission.

I splashed out yesterday and bought a new hosepipe, an anti-kink one this time, as the old one was driving me mad.  You'd just get one kink out and another one had formed behind you!
 I've now got more hose than I need as my two hoses are both long ones, the decision is, do I cut one to fit the plot? or do I just put up with coils lying around, in case it might be useful to have a very long hose?

Watered the new plants, there is one less celeriac, and one less zinnia, but otherwise things seem good.

Weedkillered the paths yesterday.

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  1. What a wonderful dual purpose Shed Anne. One of ours is rotting at the bottom so I will try to replace it with one like yours. Take car now. Marion x