Saturday, 31 May 2014


I think I must've cut the wrong twig off when it first arrived, so no fruit this year.

The fandango tomatoes are looking very sturdy with lots of big flowers.
tomato flowers, fandango

french beans, gherkins, courgettes getting ready to be set free
The mini greenhouse containing the climbing french beans, the courgettes and the gherkins before I transported them to the plot.
new leaves on the bay tree
The bay tree bought last year has weathered the winter well and has produced new leaves.  I've thrown all the dried ones out of my storecupboard, as I have enough in this little bush to keep the street supplied with bay leaves.

ivy leaved toadflax (I think) picked in Hexham
This is a plant that is growing all over the walls of my son's street in Hexham, and I think it would look nice scrambling over our front garden walls. I pulled some stalks off the wall and as soon as I got home I put it on a tray of gravel with a little compost to retain moisture. It drooped a bit at first but has picked up and looks like it might root. There is also a yellow flower there too, which commonly seems to grow side by side with the other, but I haven't managed to identify that yet.

the ground where the celeriac used to be
All the celeriac has been chomped, so none this year as it is too late to start any more seeds.

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