Saturday, 17 May 2014

fiddly jobs

Didn't get to the plot today, it was really hot and there is very little shade up there.  And anyway I was lunching out.

I spent the morning pricking out the leek seedlings into a big deep tray as they have nowhere to go in the plot yet.  It is such a fiddly job I've been putting it off for ages.

But it is done now, they'll be happy in there for a few weeks.

 And this afternoon, my sister who is a fruitaholic and not one to miss a bargain, bought a 2 kilo box of very ripe cherries for £2.50!  So I spent another couple of hours doing the fiddly job of de-stoning about a thousand cherries for the dehydrator.

 They look blackish because they have been drying for a few hours already, still soft though, so they have a few more hours to go.  I could have made jam, but we stil have lots left from last year..and the year before....

I read that you can make a tisane or tea out of cherry stalks, which is good for insomnia.  Got lots of stalks!

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