Monday, 19 May 2014

planting out

It has been yet another lovely day, I think that makes it four in a row.  I got sunburn on the backs of my arms.

I planted out all of the small seedlings as I think they will be better off in the garden than drying up in their trays and modules.

The zinnias and asters have been planted into the cutting bed, the nasturtiums have been scattered around, some down the middle of the asparagus bed, I hope that this won't affect the newly growing asparagus plants.  About 6 of the crowns have grown a slimline stalk.
The psb had gone into one of the small beds with the onions.  They might have to be moved again as space becomes available.  I have planted the celeriac babies into the soggy end of the garden beside the pond, as they do love the wet ground.  Of course, so do the slugs, so it is a constant battle.
I finished paving the muddy patch in front of the shed door, not very level, but pleasingly rustic.

 The garlic has a bad attack of rust.  Only on the outer leaves so far, but I gather that if it spreads the plant will stop growing, so they may as well come out then.

I set up the bean's X frame.  It worked well last year, I can reach the top beans much easier than with the normal A frame. The beans plants are being hardened off and have a few days to go before they can be planted out.

   I have netted the gooseberry bed because the bushes have berries this year, and those pesky pigeons are not getting any of them, if I can help it.

They shall not escape! Nearest cage is gooseberries, next is currants and peas and in the distance s strawberries.

The pear tree has no fruit.  There was plenty of blossom but it has all dropped off.  The apple blossom hasn't decided yet.

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