Thursday, 1 May 2014


It has rained all day, but I had to go to get the last of the leeks which I pulled yesterday, forgot and left them lying on the soil.  I wish I hadn't, they were covered in slugs, blurgh! I hate slugs!  They cleaned up okay though..

There has been an awful lot of rain since I set up the water butts on Saturday, the first one is nearly full already...

And the pond is under water....

Along with the rest of the plot...

This is why I made raised beds...

They seem to be doing their job, so it was worth doing.


  1. Nice looking leeks!

    Moorbank really seems to collect the water; our plot on Nunsmoor seems to drain pretty well, I don't think we've ever been waterlogged. If anything we have the opposite problem, as the knuckle-dragging fraternity have been having another go at the water system. Fixed swiftly this time, hurrah.

    1. It wasn't too bad, the level went down pretty quickly. I'm only 3 plots away from the moor and the water just drains off there.
      The leeks were good this year, for the first time none of them went to seed. Sadly all gone now, next year's harvest is on its way.

    2. Sad about Nunsmoors "problems" I thought it had blown over.