Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Spring bank holiday

A bank holiday Monday and the weather is good! That doesn't often happen!

I spent just about all day on the plot, I hate to waste a fine day sitting inside.  So I watered and put the greenhouse plants outside, moved the tender ones from the inner greenhouse to the outer shelves, moved the tomatoes and pepper from the house to the greenhouse.  All this to be repeated in reverse order tonight, of course, hardening off the plants is such a tedious and labour intensive task.

My tomato plants are so miserable this year that I...

...bought some lovely ones from the allotment trading hut at a bargain price, and they are twice the size of mine.

I'll keep both mine and the new ones going in case I am being too impatient and  mine are maybe just being a bit slow.  I should perhaps have kept them in the warm of the house for a bit longer to give them a better start.

Duty done, I filled a flask and went off to the plot for the morning (leaving the flask on the kitchen table, of course).

It always surprises me how much time can be wasted just faffing about. Did a bit of weeding and while doing that I noticed that my potatoes had been frosted after all, I thought I had got away with it...

 and yet the one next to it wasn't affected.

I'm told a bit of top frost doesn't affect them too much, slows them down a bit while they grow some new shoots, but that's all, so I'm not too worried.

The slimy beasts have been at work with enthusiasm; where I left a double row of green turnip seed leaves, there was nothing,
 and the beetroot seedlings in the cold frame have been grazed to soil level.

I found a cup and coffee sachet and managed to make a cup of coffee with water boiled in the ghillie kettle, it is amazing what a difference it makes to lighting a fire when everything is dry.  I had to stir it with a plant label, but hey, you have to rough it sometimes.

Took some more nails out of various bits of old shed, I'm down to a smallish pile of planks and 3 bags of rubbish which will burn come the bonfire season. Of course there is the matter of a very large section of chipboard which was the roof of the old shed.  But James says he can use it as a floor covering for his shed extention, so that will go eventually.

Did a bit of pruning the 15ft high privet "hedge" at the back of the shed, but my arm got tired soon, green wood is very sticky to saw.

Home for a bowl of soup (I'm having a low calorie day) and back again in the afternoon to plant the sweet peas.  They are looking very pathetic, they have been slimed, and gnawed and frozen poor things, but they have green shoots growing still so I have planted them to see how they will do. 
I have some back-up plants in the back at home if they don't thrive. 

Home at five o'clock after a happy day messing about on the plot,  My face feels quite pink, it must have been sunnier than I thought.

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