Thursday, 29 May 2014

squashes planted out

It was a fairly gloomy day today, but it lightened up a bit in the afternoon, so I went to investigate how the recent rains have affected the plot.
There is lots of standing water, but the beds are fine, so I could plant out the vegetable spaghetti squashes.

 I wanted to wait a bit longer but they are very big and I doubted that I would be able to get them to the plot if I left them to get much bigger.  I put some protection around them as the forecast is for cold nights.

The rest of my time was occupied by making some potting compost from the good looking soil improver that the trading hut has acquired.  So I took some of this:

added some perlite.....

And then some potting base....
Gave it a good old mix up and there we go, a barrow load of potting soil!

Just a small niggle though, by the time I had bought all the components, it cost almost as much as it would to have bought multi-purpose compost from the trading hut.
Also, after I had made it all up into two large sacks, I read the instructions on the back of the potting base and it said to make it up as you go along as it only keeps for about 6 weeks.  Mmmm...I have enough here to keep me going for about a year...Must learn to read the instructions properly.  I wonder what potting compost is like when it goes off.

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