Thursday, 15 May 2014

3 cucumbers et al

In the greenhouse:
The three cucumbers seem to have decided not to die, after all!, they have all put on another leaf. No doubt they will have another crise d'neufs at the next opportunity.

 One of the tomato plants (Fandango) that I bought has flowers on (and an armpit there which I hadn't noticed)

But my own plants have smartened up their act and are trying to catch up.

The runner beans, the left side is Enorma, the right side is Czar.

 Down to the plot, I finished off the new bed with a layer of rough compost, (I think I might be paying for this in weeding in the future) finished off with a layer of soil improver.

Ready for the spaghetti squashes.

 Quite a few ladybirds spotted (geddit?) around the plot, all of them were 7 spotters.

 And my fave flower of the moment, eschscholzia (californian poppy), not hard to choose since there isn't many out yet.

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  1. Such clear fantastic photos Anne. I must go and take some photos while the sun is out. We have had a lot of hailstones this week so a lot of our vegetable seedlings are covered with fleece. Take care now. Marion x