Sunday, 29 June 2014

A super-duper new pot

I was given lovely plant pot for my birthday, hand-thrown by a potter working in Hexham.  Its beautiful.

It looks really good with the little bay tree in it.

I pulled all the rusty garlic even though they weren't fully ripe and probably hadn't reached their full size.  There is a usable crop, 40 garlic bulbs will keep us going for quite a while.

I picked all the gooseberries except the red ones. Only a punnet full, but they are young yet.  Not that they look as if they are going to live to get much older. The bushes have gone very yellow in the middle.

The berries have gone into the freezer for crumbles later in the year, plenty of strawberries coming on at the moment.

I have started to pick the broad beans, I love them when they are small although a tad tedious to de-pod.  There are loads waiting to come on.

I picked the first peas (well, the first ones to reach the kitchen).  On the left is Jessy the sugar snap and the other is Excellenz, a maincrop.  Jessy is nicely crisp but not particularly sweet, although I might be picking them at the wrong time as I am not sure what size they should be. 

Excellenz has quite a fat pod which when opened has quite small peas inside, but those peas are really sweet.  Maybe they are small because of the current dry spell, it hasn't rained in any quantity for a while now.

This dry spell has slowed all growth down, the courgettes, cucumbers and young runner beans have hardly changed in the past couple of weeks. Even though it hasn't rained, it hasn't been very sunny either, so things are not drying out too badly. 

But the tomatoes are missing the sunshine to ripen them.

So for dinner today: lamb cutlet, peas, carrots and a few new potatoes from the garden (they are just a few I dug out to see if they were ready yet).

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