Thursday, 5 June 2014

broad beans podless

 I'm a bit concerned about the broad beans, or am I being impatient?

There are plenty of flowers as in the top picture, but they are starting to look a bit scruffy and haven't developed many pods, the few that are there look a bit blackened.

 Update:  I have checked in the archive and last year, there was no pods until 28 June, so yes, I am being impatient.

The winter onions are looking good, but the odd one or two have grown a flower stalk, so I am starting to use them.

The maincrop (Desiree) potatoes have flower buds, but not the second earlies (Wilja), that doesn't seem right somehow. Only a few weeks to go (earliest 4 July) until the earlies should (in theory) be ready to harvest.

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