Friday, 13 June 2014

celery experiment, beans, onions...

I don't suppose anybody remembers the celery experiment?

Last year I cut the stump of a bunch of celery into four and sprouted them..  Well, three have over wintered, two in the cold frame and one in a deep pot sunk into the ground.

The two smaller ones on the left are the ones kept in the cold frame, the big one on the right is the one sunk into the ground out in the open. Not sure what it proves, but celery is obviously tougher than it looks and I might even get something usable from the big one, even though it does look as though it is going to flower. The small ones have very spindly stalks and look as if they will be very stringy. The end result of the experiment is that while it is interesting to see what happens, the savings are negligible and not worth it as a money-saving exercise.

 Phew! Pods on the broad beans at last....

The winter onions have really been putting on weight. I am using them now instead of buying onions, they are quite mild and juicy. Nice sliced in salads.

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