Friday, 20 June 2014

gooseberry bushes poorly

Something is up with the gooseberry bushes.  

The leaves in the middle of the bushes have gone speckled yellow, at worst dead and crispy.  Of the 6 bushes, 5 have been affected, 2 badly, 3 not so bad, and one, the red berried one, looks normal. The worst affected are at the fence end of the bed.  It is my feeling that it is a deficiency of some kind, but I don't know.  
It could be waterlogged soil, when I pulled out the netting canes, they were quite damp on the end, so although it has been quite dry for a while now, it could have happened last month.  
That end of the bed is near where I took the little apple tree out a couple of years ago because the roots had rotted.

I dug up this split onion, yesterday.  This is the third onion like this so far, and always the biggest ones. The flesh is normal, just like an onion should be, but just split.

The first broad beans are nearly ready.... fat finger sized now, in a few days we will have some.

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