Tuesday, 3 June 2014

rainy days

It tossed it down yesterday at the plot, so I whiled away time in my splendid new shed.  Lovely though it may be, it gets a bit boring after 5 or 10 minutes of gazing out the window.  As filling time constructively is one of my aims in life, and having acquired some sturdy eyelet screws earlier, I set about making a support system for the tomato plants.  I strung a wire along the roof above the windows and vined strings from it down and around the tomato stems. Sorry forgot to take pictures (I still haven't quite got the hang of this blogging lark) but it means they can grow longer, right up to the highest point of the roof.

I have done a similar arrangement in the home greenhouse, which may illustrate what I mean.

The second water butt which feeds from the first one is now half full, I could hear a constant trickle while I was in the hut, which is psychologically not good when you are stuck in a hut with no loo and only a cracked washing up bowl to use as the "necessary".

The tub that I keep the spare canes in has also filled up even though I'm sure I put some drainage holes in the bottom, so during a break in the showers I rigged up a long cane storage system, using 2 spare eyelets and some lengths of wire.  Sounds quite grand, but it is just 2 loops of wire screwed to the back of the shed and then the canes slotted through.

I'm gradually customising the shed to suit my requirements. I will add pics of the new improvements later.

Today the sun came out eventually late on in the afternoon, so I went to the plot to plant out the courgettes and the cucumbers.

 The courgettes are supposedly a climbing variety, I hope not too tall as the canes are a bit geriatric and won't take too much weight.

The cucumbers also might need some support, which I will put in later when I remove the cloche.  I'm protecting them for a few days to accustom them to the big wide world. Liberal applications of slug pellets went into the cloche to defend against maurauders scenting fresh meat.

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