Sunday, 22 June 2014

rusty garlic lifted

I decided to pull the garlic...

The leaves were mostly shrivelled and they haven't grown for a while.

Some big, some small, as usual, the bulbs don't seem a lot smaller than usual.

Dug up two more split onions today.  I have checked through my diary and through May and June we seem to have alternated with dry and then very wet.  The plot has had standing water a couple of times this spring and early summer, so I can only think that is why they have split.  I have asked a few gardeners and nobody has seen that before, but all seem to think that irregular watering is a likely cause.  It is a shame because otherwise they are very good onions and I am having to cut the bottom third off each split onion. Oh well, the trials of being a gardener.  I console myself with remembering the horrible year of 2012 and now is nowhere near as bad as that.

Just realised I have been slacking in the plotplan department, so here hot off the press...

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