Monday, 23 June 2014

some pictures of the home garden

Gerbera is a plant which is maybe a bit too delicate for life in Anne's Garden.  It seems to be prone to greenfly, leaf miner, under watering, over watering. These are two of the five plants which have struggled through to adulthood, but no sign of any flowers yet.

Washing day.  I can't be doing with all this washing bits now and then, I like to get it over with on one day, even though it does mean I'm stuck in the house all day, machine minding.

washing...and a sunflower
They aren't drying very well today, no breeze and not enough sunshine, so they will finish off in the tumble-dryer and hang the environment.

Some of the things growing in the garden...


You can't see them on the photo, but there are loads of bumble bees in the deutzia flowers

climbing hydrangea

The ivy needs cutting back

the newest batch of home-made compost

The orchid has outdone itself this time. There are nine flowers, with a tenth on the way.

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