Wednesday, 11 June 2014

summer is a-coming

Everything is romping away now, with all this warmth and rain.

The onion department is looking blooming (not literally as flowers are the last thing I want on them)

The only blot on the allium landscape is the rusty garlic.

The spaghetti squashes are holding on to their mini fruits, so far...

There are flowers on the thornless blackberry and lots of buds to follow...

...And blackfly with attendant ants on the broad beans...

To check out the bees loving the poached egg plants, click the link at the top of the page


  1. I envy you having an allotment Anne. Yours looks so tidy and organized. Our Onions have flower buds on the end of stalks. They didn't last year and I don't know much about Onions ! If yours start flowering what do you do ? Take care now. Marion x

    1. Hi Marion, there have been one or two flower spikes, but I nip them off as soon as I spot them and use them first. There have been only two flowers on the shallots so far, so doing better than last year when they all flowered.