Tuesday, 17 June 2014

sweet william

 The sweet william is in full flower.  It is a very good cut flower, lasts for ages in the vase.

 The spaghetti squash is coming on nicely

 I have a gherkin! True, a blurry one, but a baby cucumber nontheless.

 I can't make up my mind whether the garlic should come out, it is a bit of a sorry sight.

 I might have a lovely brand spanking new shed, but Sue's shed has character.... and roses.

 My echinops seedlings have recovered from the attack by slugs/snails and are looking quite healthy.

 This was one of 3 hazelnuts I found last year and popped in this old tomato plant pot.  I was hoping to grow my own hazel staves, but this has taken almost 2 years to get this size so I think I might be retired from gardening by the time it gets big enough.

More strawberries today...keep 'em coming....

I pulled one of the Wilja to see how near ready it was (there are plenty so I can spare a few) and there was only 3 usable sized potatoes (and I managed to spear 2 of them).  But there were also quite a few very small ones, so they need a few more weeks to develop.

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