Saturday, 7 June 2014

updates on things beginning with A

After a beautiful day yesterday, a rubbish day today.

Yesterday I sowed some more turnip and beetroot and a row of perpetual spinach.

I was down the plot early this morning to open the window and the door of the shed for the tomatoes. When I went in yesterday it was like a sauna in there,  my specs steamed up instantly.

While it was fine, I sowed dwarf french beans (Purple Queen)

It turned out to be not such a nice day after all.  It has rained all afternoon from middayish until about 7 o'clock this evening. The plot is awash again, I'm so pleased I put in those raised beds.

Do you remember the avocado stone?

 Well, that came to naught, it just sat there for 2 months and went mouldy on the bottom.  So I'm trying again with a new one...

Do you remember the amaryllis? This is just one of them, but they are both still going strong, I'm keeping them in water where I can keep an eye on the bulbs and giving them the occasional feed. Their vases have filled with roots and I hope they are building a good reserves for next season. Towards the end of summer I will take them out of the water and let the leaves die back.

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