Sunday, 6 July 2014

forking carrots

I am harvesting my carrots, grown in an old recycling box in the back garden.

They are very tasty with a sweeter more carroty flavour than ones that have been sitting in a shop for several days.

I seem to have produced a couple of ballet dancers....

But seriously... forking is apparently caused by too much fertilizer in the soil.
I quote from the post I made when I sowed them in the spring "I left last year's compost in, mixed a handful or two of GrowOrganic and a bucketful of spent compost to increase the volume." So note to self: no need to add any GrowOrganic.
Carrots apparently like sandy soil, so what I will do when this latest lot is out is add some sand to the box (there is a bag of sand in the garage, but I will have to check that it is not salty as we could have got it from the beach when the children were little. Yes, it has been in the garage that long!) and anything else I can think of, seems like the poorer the better for carrots.

I am picking broad beans in earnest now, but it always surprises me how few beans you get from a carrier bag full of pods.

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